Do you suffer from chronic pain?

Have you been told that there is nothing that can be done for you?

Would you prefer a treatment option that is gentle, natural, and non-invasive?

Can you use greater ease, more personal power, and a sense of harmony in your life?

I'm Irwin Hoenig and I'd like to help.

I've been in healthcare since 1982 and have been studying the Japanese art of mind body unity since 1985.

As a Registered Cardiovascular Invasive Specialist in a leading hospital, I saw countless people who, usually through lifestyle choices, faced serious procedures to "fix" blockages in their heart. Very often, these same people returned within a few months because the blockage came back (usually due to scar tissue caused by the procedure). Others had new blockages (suggesting that there was something else going on in their bodies that the procedure and treatment plan was not addressing). In my fifteen years of experience in conventional medicine, I saw major changes in the technology, but the results stayed pretty much the same.

This prepared me for what I was to discover when I began studying CranioSacral Therapy (and later, other therapies with osteopathic roots) - the symptom is not the problem.

And when you treat only the symptoms, you miss an important piece of the overall wellness picture.

Our bodies are constantly striving towards health. We naturally know how to fight infection, to repair damaged tissue, to regulate temperature. Mainstream medicine tries to correct problems by cutting, burning, exposing the body to toxins, etc. While this may be necessary in life threatening situations, it creates more work for a body that is already working hard to correct itself.

Treatments that take advantage of the body's "know how", rather than trying to impose a change on it, can lead to lasting change and overall health.

The mind body connection is usually not a major consideration in mainstream medicine, except when they can't figure a problem out. Then it must be "all in your mind".

The therapies described in this site are holistic - they are intended to treat the whole person. The mind body coordination principles are a synthesis of Japanese yoga (Shin Shin Toitsu Do) and the martial art aikido.

Together, these philosophies recognize that many acute and chronic health problems need to be addressed in a broader way that addresses the interrelation between mind and body.

My goal is to provide gentle, respectful, and effective therapies that work with you - your mind, body, and spirit. I want to educate you so that you can discover your inner power. I want to support you so that your body can find its natural state of balance. I want to help you to achieve your personal wellness goals.

Whether you see me for therapeutic services, take my workshops, or read my articles, I hope that I can bring you closer to your goals of optimal health and quality of life.

Please bookmark this site and visit often. New articles that affect you will be appearing soon.

— Irwin
gentle, respectful, effective therapy and personal workshops