Irwin D. Hoenig, CMT, CST

Irwin D. Hoenig has been in the healthcare field since 1982. With fifteen years experience in critical care and cardiology, and working as a Registered Cardiovascular Invasive Specialists in one of the busiest cardiac catheterization labs in the world, he became disillusioned with the state of conventional medicine and enrolled in massage school. Two weeks before graduation, he attended his first CranioSacral Therapy workshop and discovered that minimal force can profoundly and positively affect a person's health and well-being. This has been one of the greatest influences on his approach to bodywork.

He currently holds certifications in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork and in CranioSacral Therapy. His goal as a therapist is to help people to eliminate the causes of their problems, using a treatment plan unique to the individual, and to empower them to take part in their own recovery. He has found that a gentle, respectful, and holistic approach is most effective in resolving many conditions, even those that do not respond to conventional medicine.

In 1985, Irwin began his study of Shin Shin Toitsu Do (The Way of Mind Body Coordination) and Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido (Aikido with Mind Body Coordinated). Initially, he was attracted to studying the martial art, aikido, and found that the mind body aspect was an interesting way to make the techniques work. He eventually realized that the mind body coordination was what was important and that the aikido training was just a way to gain a higher understanding of it. He now holds the rank of NiDan (second degree black belt) in Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido and the rank of ChuDen in Shin Shin Toitsu Do.

Irwin is a graduate of the Baltimore School of Massage and has received his training in CranioSacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, and Lymph Drainage Therapy from the Upledger Institute. He has also taken extensive continuing education from other sources including the Kuroshova Institute and The Meir Schneider Self-Healing Method. In addition to educating his clients, his teaching experience includes: former Basic Life Instructor Trainer for the American Heart Association and former faculty member at the Baltimore School of Massage; CranioSacral Study Group Leader, Certified Teaching Assistant, and Presenter for Introduction to CranioSacral Therapy and Share Care for the Upledger Institute; and Assistant Lecturer in Shin Shin Toitsu Do (The Way of Mind Body Coordination) for the Ki Society International.


There are parallels between the health of the individual and the health of the planet. In studying Shin Shin Toitsu Do, the concept of tai ga or universal mind (literally, "large self") comes up. When we "think globally" (or universally) and strive to harmonize with our environment (using the principles of mind body coordination), we are rewarded with a feeling of "oneness" that allows us to move through life with greater ease. Creating a socially just and environmentally sustainable society, the mission statement of Co-op America, embodies the idea of tai ga. Minimizing or eliminating the use of toxins that we put in and on our bodies is not only better for us, it is better for the earth.

Whenever possible, Irwin uses environmentally friendly products in his practice, from cleaning products, to low energy, full spectrum lighting, to low VOC paints. He is a proud member of the Co-op America Business Network.


  • Association of Bodywork and Massage Professionals
  • International Association of Healthcare Practitioners
  • American CranioSacral Therapy Association
  • Ki Society International (Ki No Kenkukai)
  • Co-op America Business Network
  • Healthy Options Network

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